Climate Change Services
1) Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under UNFCCC
• 2 projects’ approvals for Crediting period (Renewal of crediting period) and CDM EB
• 5 projects have been issued CERs 
• Registration of POA with CDM EB (Program 8055: Thailand energy efficiency improvement for street lightings) and four sub projects expansion
• 36 of single type projects have been registered with CDM EB
• Be a part of CDM preparation of measurement manuals and result reports for forty-two projects
  Single project
2) Thailand Voluntary Emission Reduction Program (T-VER)
• 89 projects registered with TGO
• 38 projects have been issued TVERs 
3) Greenhouse gas emission report under CFO standard by TGO
•  48 projects registered with TGO  
4) Greenhouse gas emission report under ISO14064-1 standard
• 43 certified projects
5) City Carbon Footprint (CCF) by TGO
• 8 municipalities have been developed City Carbon Footprint (CCF)
6) Carbon Neutral / Carbon Offset by TGO
• 2 organizations have been acheived Carbon Neutral / Carbon Offset

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